innersense music for mind, body and soul

Innersense: music for the mind, body and soul

Sometime It seems that the watchwords of modern life are stress, fatigue, anxiety and worry and many people naturally seek out therapies and treatments to help heal the damage. Innersense are exploring the role music has to play in that healing and relaxation process.

A collaboration of two brothers, Nick and John Croft, who share a long and successful musical pedigree, each Innersense album explores their fundamental connection to the natural world around them. Their use of deep natural timbres and rhythms, and subtle melodic cycles connect the listener to the healing forces in the world around us

Innersense have produced five albums of music that seek to reconnect the mind, body and soul. A music that opens the consciousness to the natural flows and rhythms of the world around us and encourages the body to relax leaving the soul receptive and encourage.

Innersense music is the perfect accompaniment to your daily yoga, tai chi, meditation, or relaxation session and provides an enhanced atmosphere for massage sessions of all types. Whether your personal relaxation strategy is half an hour with a cup of tea or a luxurious hour long massage, Innersense music will help revitalise you.

If you’re a lover of music then you don’t need any of the many scientific studies to tell you that music has an enormous impact on the way we feel. Innersense specialize in a music that creates the mental context that allows the body’s natural rhythms to re-establish an equilibrium.

Have a listen and let us know what you think