Umbra - 2nd album from Innersense

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Umbra - the second album from innersense.

Music best suited for YOGA | TAI CHI |MEDITATION

The rich harmonic sounds of Umbra interweave with strong melodies, as the circular nature of the music echoes the eternal motion of the spheres.

As the Sun and the Moon begin their dance, so too do we. As the Umbra approaches, framed by unearthly blackness, our spirituality is awakened. Our mystical journey together cannot be ignored as we gaze in awe at the mechanics of the Universe. At the moment of Totality we are aligned with an eiree sense of light and darkness.

This music is dedicated to all those in search of their innersense.

Umbra encourages the listener to remember his cosmic origins and to trust his cosmic destiny.

The listener goes on a journey through this awesome natural phenomenon from the first contact of sun/moon alignment to the totality of eclipse, resulting in a powerful mix of traditional instruments and electronic sounds.