Treedom - music for yoga, tai chi, relaxation

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Treedom - the fifth album from innersense.

Music best suited for TAI CHI | RELAXATION | YOGA

treedom, the last album in the DUVET collection, continues a musical journey taking themes from nature to explore our connection with the world.

From the time of the ancients, trees have revered as a manifestation of the divine, celebrated in sacred groves by cultures on every continent.

The primordial forests that spawned and nurtured life are still giving us the air that we breathe. Trees are a calendar for the seasons, a reminder of birth and death, and also the endless cycle of nature.

The melodies, harmonies and thythms that make up Treedom reflect our relationship with these ancient inhabitants of the planet, and invite us to look at ourselves and our place in the natural world.

Treedom is inspired by the ancient forests and the habitat they create, providing the platform for life, it's evolution and the protection and sustenance of the planet.


released December 12, 2006