Eathlite by Innersense - Music for Massage, tai chi & Meditation

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Earthlite - the fourth album from innersense.

Music best suited for MASSAGE | TAI CHI | MEDITATION

The phenomenon of unexplained lights, or earth lights, has become part of the lexicon of the paranormal, the mysterious, and as we come to learn more about the extraordinary power of the earth's core, an embryonic branch of science.

will-o'-the-wisps, st elmo's fire, ball lightning, earthquake lights serve to remind us of what we see but do not knoe, while aboriginal myth tells of australia's min min lights, a display of natural power well documented by modern observers.

with earthlite, innersense takes us on a journey connecting our deepest thoughts with the earth's most intriguing mysteries.

Earthlite is inspired by a history rich with evidence of stones/crystals used for the synthesis of sound, light and energy, from the black mirror of the incan temple of the sun at cuzco to the che-so priesthood of tibet and the vision stones of the maya.


released December 12, 2004